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Dr. Michele Lapayowker
Dr. Michele Lapayowker

Understanding your Health and What Matters to You

Dr. Michele Lapayowker is a Board Certified Gynecologist who has been caring for women in Broward and the surrounding counties since 1995. Dr. Lapayowker cares for each patient individually and has a gentle approach to women of all ages. As a female gynecologist she takes pride in truly understanding from both personal and professional experiences a woman’s health concerns.


Dr. Michele Lapayowker is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and now focuses her practice on Gynecology and Woman’s Health. She has a tremendous rapport with teens seeking their first gynecological exam as well as with women transitioning through the menopausal years. She is able to relate to each stage of a woman’s life cycle to give each patient individualized care.

Dr. Lapayowker incorporates woman’s health maintenance into her practice and teaches her patients the importance
of disease prevention and personal health management.

Dr. Lapayowker offers patients their annual pap and breast
exams, infection diagnosis and treatment, and offers many birth control options including birth control pills and IUDs.

She helps women navigate through their menopausal issues with nutrition, supplements and hormone therapy including Bioidentical Hormone Replacement. Her goal is to assess each patient’s health concerns and offer both support and guidance for all of their gynecological issues in a most caring and gentle manner.